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Mobile app of the day: Agent

Some handsets come with useful utilities to automate certain settings like silencing the ringer when you are in a meeting by checking your calendar, or turning the ringer off overnight. Agent can do those things and much, much more.

Battery Agent comes into play when the battery gets to a certain level that you specify. It can turn off Bluetooth, dim the screen, and stop apps updating. Parking Agent remembers where you parked and uses a map to get you back to your vehicle. Oh, and it remembers the last five parking spots in case you want to go back to a favourite one.

Meeting Agent turns the phone to vibrate or silent when your diary says you are busy, and can auto respond to certain contacts with an SMS if you are busy. Sleep Agent silences your handset when you are asleep, only letting important people get through. Driving Agent reads out text messages and auto-responds to SMS. This app boasts further features, too, and you can even make custom agents.

Click here to download Agent.

Product: Agent

OS: Android

Price: Free