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Breaking Bad narrowly escaped being axed in series 2, says show creator

With seven Golden Globe Awards, eleven Screen Actors Guild Awards, and an army of fans prepared to throw a volley of TV remotes at anyone who doesn't understand that saying "b*tch" is an appropriate response to any social encounter, to say that Breaking Bad is a successful TV show is like saying that plants photosynthesise because of the sun.

Still for all its accolades, according to the show's creator Breaking Bad would not have made it past series two without cloud technology.

Speaking at the closing keynote of IBM Pulse 2014 in Las Vegas, Vince Gilligan explained that the very nature of the show made it more vulnerable to the dreaded chopping axe of cancellation. Each episode was vital to understanding the next, forming a "hyper-serialised" structure that meant if a viewer missed one episode it would be very difficult for them to stay hooked into the storyline.

For a show distributed purely via TV then, viewing numbers could have easily slipped. However, as Breaking Bad was available on the cloud-based streaming service Netflix, viewers were able to easily catch up on the popular drama. Indeed, the freedom of this "on-demand" service meant that if they really wanted to they could binge on an entire season in a single sitting.

"I don't think it's an overstatement to say if not for the cloud, if not for streaming, I don't think y'all would've ever heard of me," nodded Gilligan solemnly on stage. "I think we would have had maybe a season or two...[because] in a typical broadcast situation, there's only so many ways you can catch up."

Still, just as many businesses choose to employ "hybrid cloud" solutions in their day-to-day activities, taking the best of both public and private cloud, so too do audiences enjoy a varied viewing experience. Most fans prefer to watch televised shows in a social environment around the living room TV, yet enjoy the freedom of being able to retreat to their laptops and catch up on-demand whenever they want.

"With the streaming that we have now...we can catch up with [programmes] any time we want and consume episodes of our favourite shows like potato chips, one after another."

"It's the greatest invention since sliced bread, as far as I'm concerned," Gilligan concluded. Whether he was referring to the Cloud or Breaking Bad itself, you'll have to make your own mind up.

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