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GreenQloud announces QStack, new green-friendly hybrid cloud service

GreenQloud has announced QStack, a new hybrid cloud solution which offers enterprises the ability to plug into a green-friendly hybrid service.

QStack will incorporate GreenQloud’s renewable energy driven public cloud, allowing businesses to shift over workloads from private clouds whenever necessary. The system, the firm promises, will be easily deployed and easy to use, with a customisable dashboard.

Iceland-based GreenQloud states that QStack has been in development for some four years. It offers organisations a solution to the problem of scalability – allowing them to burst into GreenQloud’s public cloud during periods of heavy activity – while being safe in the knowledge that they’re also benefiting from sustainable cloud practices (cloud computing powered by renewable energy).

Eirikur Hrafnsson, chief global strategist at GreenQloud, told Cloud Pro: “We’re offering all the benefits of our green public cloud offering with all the benefits of private cloud, the control of data, for example.”

QStack is built on Apache CloudStack, and boasts unique security features such as team and project support, a secure single sign-on, and user controlled load balancers.

For more details on QStack, check out the website here.