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Mobile app of the day: DashClock

The lock screen of your Android device can be a pretty empty place, but there’s a way to transform it into something that gives you really useful information. Would you like to know what your next calendar appointment is, how many calls you’ve missed, how many unread Gmail messages you have, when your next alarm is, or local weather information? Install DashClock and you’ve got access to all this right on the lock screen.

Even better, DashClock is open to extensions from third parties – and there are oodles of them to be had. You could start by going into the app’s settings, and then select add an extension – it’ll find extensions for apps you already have installed. Or you can take a look in the Play store yourself.

Some DashClock extensions give you info it is hard to get in any other way, for example the week number, or sunrise and sunset times. Other extensions give you technical information such as your battery life percentage or memory usage. Others connect right into apps. If you use your handset as a torch and are fed up of having to search for the app icon, get the DashLight extension. You can browse for other extensions here.

Click here to download DashClock for Android.

Product: DashClock

OS: Android

Price: Free