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RealPlayer Cloud video sharing service rolls out globally

RealNetworks has announced that its RealPlayer Cloud video sharing service is now live across the world.

The service allows users to watch or share videos over any device, untroubled by any worries over file formats or compatibility, with the videos streamed from a cloud storage locker.

RealPlayer Cloud is available on the iPhone and iPad along with Android devices, and Window PCs, the Kindle Fire, Roku and the Chromecast (the latter of which will hopefully be arriving in the UK soon).

The cloud-based service uses SurePlay technology (developed by RealNetworks) to auto-format any video to fit the device and its screen size, and also take into account other considerations such as the bandwidth available for streaming the clip.

Users will be able to share videos directly with friends – who don’t need to have RealPlayer Cloud installed themselves – and also the usual social network sharing on Facebook or Twitter is present.

Rob Glaser, founder of RealNetworks, commented: “We’re excited to bring RealPlayer Cloud to consumers worldwide. In just five short months, we’ve experienced extensive user growth and now have more than 500,000 users in the U.S. and Canada. Clearly there is a real need and demand for RealPlayer Cloud, which is essentially Dropbox for videos.”

The service has also been tweaked alongside the global rollout, with friend referrals now in place. Like Dropbox, you get extra storage space for any friends you persuade to join – in this case 1GB (on top of the 2GB of free storage you get initially). You can, of course, purchase more space via a subscription.

SMS support has also been added so Android and iOS users can send videos via texts.