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Salesforce constructs long-awaited data centre on UK soil

Salesforce is finally downing the anchor on UK shores with plans to open up its first European data centre by August 2014 before expanding in France and Germany in 2015.

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The news comes after its latest financial results showed its business in Europe is up by 41 per cent and is the fastest growing region for the company that offers software-as-a-service [SaaS] solutions for businesses.

"[In terms of delays] I don’t think the goal posts have moved as the momentum is there. Of course we’d always like to do things faster than we have done them. But we have the datacentre launching in August and two more so it’s onwards and upwards," said Steve Garnett, Salesforce's president of Europe, according to Cloud Pro.

Salesforce thinks that opening data centres across Europe will mean yet more business coming from those markets as a result of the fact that customers are more secure in the knowledge that data is not leaving the country.

"The security, reliability and availability our customers have is important as they realise what we offer is substantially better than anything they could provide for themselves. However, we are a global company with a global presence so we want that to be reflected in where our datacentres are located,” Garnett added.

The company also has the UK Government in its cross hairs when it comes to offering cloud services and the decision by the government to mandate a cloud-first policy to local authorities has been particularly encouraging.

"The likes of Stephen Kelly and the Cabinet Office now recognise [the power of cloud]. They get it in spades and are pushing the government authorities to move that way. It sometimes goes a bit more slowly than we would like but we also have to remember they are committed to long-term contracts and legacy suppliers," he said.

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Europe’s data centre market is increasingly being led by the UK, specifically London, and in the second quarter of 2013 it accounted for 50 per cent of all newly contracted space across the continent, and Salesforce’s investment will only see this increase further.