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Samsung Chromebook 2 will have faux leather finish

Samsung is going to bring the faux leather finish seen on its mobile devices to its notebook range, according to a leaked image.

You’re probably familiar with the leather-like texture (complete with stitching) that first popped up on the back of the Galaxy Note 3, giving the device more grip in the user’s hand than the oft-decried slippery plastic rear.

Samsung appears to have got ticks in customer satisfaction surveys, because the firm recently announced it would bring the finish to the Black Edition of the Galaxy S4 (and S4 mini) in the UK – and now it will seemingly grace the Chromebook sequel.

This comes from that respected source of leakage, @evleaks (via C-net), which spilled a pic of the Chrome OS laptop decked out in black leather, complete with stitching effect.

We rather like the look, actually, at least from the photo – although it’s slightly worrisome how the fake leather effect will seem in real life on a device as large as a laptop. The notebook certainly seems nice and slim, as you would expect from a Chromebook, anyway.

It also makes us wonder if Samsung will be going slightly more premium with its next Chrome OS model, and we’ll see a bit of a price increase. Let’s hope not, as generally speaking, the Chromebook is all about thrifty computing.

Image Credit: @evleaks