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After the Galaxy S5: When will Samsung launch the S5 mini, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy S6?

Unless you've had your head buried in a cement mixer, you're probably aware that Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, at MWC recently. And while we wouldn't want for a second to detract from all the excitement surrounding the new device, the fact that the cloak has now been pulled means that we're inevitably starting to think about the future. Specifically, what will Samsung launch next? Here's the big ticket products we think are on the cards now - and a few wild guesses as to when they're likely to arrive.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini

If past form is anything to go by, Samsung's next major move will be to launch a mid-range counterpart to the Galaxy S5 - almost certainly dubbed the Galaxy S5 mini. The past two years, we've seen the Galaxy S3 and S4 complemented by 'mini' devices not long after the unveiling of the flagship model, and 2014 is unlikely to be any different. In the coming months, we'll see a standalone Samsung Unpacked event, possibly in London, to reveal the S5 mini. Don't get too excited, though - previous Galaxy mini smartphones have been seriously lacklustre, coming with a mid-range price tag but entry-level specs. Frankly, if £300-odd is the sort of budget you're working with, you're better of with a Google Nexus, or a mid-range Motorola or Nokia devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung is also regarded as odds-on to launch the next iteration of its feted Galaxy Note phablet this year. If the Korean firm's rap sheet is any indication, this will happen in conjunction with IFA, the blockbuster European tech show held in Berlin each September. Expect the Note 4 rumour mill to get rolling in earnest shortly - in fact, there's already considerable speculation surrounding the device. Some of the early gossip points to Samsung utilising its flexible 'Youm' display technology on the new phablet, while other tittle-tattle points to a 64-bit chipset. It's also likely that - as was the case with the Galaxy S5 - the Galaxy Note 4 will be water and dust resistant. Less certain is what 'mystery' product Samsung will unveil alongside the Note 4. In 2012, it was the Galaxy Camera; last year, it was the underwhelming Galaxy Gear smartwatch. What does 2014 hold? Your guess is as good as ours - let us know your expectations by leaving a comment or hitting us up on Twitter.

Samsung Galaxy S6

OK, we know - this one's still a long way off and it's a bit silly to be thinking about the follow-up to a device that hasn't even hit shelves yet. That said, there's no doubt that Samsung will continue its annual refresh cycle and launch a new flagship smartphone in 2015. The likely arrival date is obviously still vague - Q1 or Q2, possibly at MWC again given the outpouring of attention Samsung received at this year's showcase.

Are there any early indicators? Given that speculation the Galaxy S5 would pack a 64-bit chipset appear to have proved false, it's entirely possible that its successor will indeed come with more sophisticated architecture. The flexible 'Youm' display will also no doubt be tipped to make an appearance, and some wilder rumours are already saying that Samsung might be working on a 16-core Exynos processor or 4K display. Only time will tell, but watch this space.