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Google Glass gets upgrade to android 4.4 KitKat

Google Glass Explorers will soon have their wearable computers upgraded to Android 4.4 KitKat, according to a recent report by Glass Almanac.

If so, the futuristic headset is in line for maybe its biggest software upgrade since arriving in limited quantities with Android 4.0 for beta-testing Explorers last February, though Google has pushed out minor, monthly software updates to Glass over the past year.

Glass Guide Teresa Zazenski broke the news last week in a private Explorers forum, saying that Google will continue with the regular updates, but may reduce their frequency "because bigger updates just take more time."

"In fact, we're working to move Glass from Ice Cream Sandwich [Android 4.0.3] to Kit Kat to make the Glass experience smoother and just plain better," Zazenski wrote in her message, as published by Glass Almanac. "This change will make it easier for us to bring you more useful updates and it's something we're really excited about."

Zazenski did not specify a date for the upgrade, saying, "[I]t's also something that we don't want to send to you all until it's just right."

Google did not immediately respond to ITProPortal's request for comment. The private thread, however, appeared to be adamant about bringing those monthly XE software updates for Glass to an end.

Later in the post, as reported by Glass Almanac, Glass community advocate Sarah Price wrote that "bigger updates take more time and may no longer come monthly anymore."

A version of Glass for general release has been tipped to arrive in 2014, though Google has made nothing official. Earlier this year, the Internet giant did announce plans to start selling prescription versions of Google Glass via its new Titanium Collection.