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New HTC One 'M8' pitches up in leaked hands-on video ahead of launch

It’s a case of another day, another leak for HTC as its upcoming flagship M8 smartphone (aka the new HTC One) got the hands-on treatment in a video.

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The footage (see top) apparently showcases the developer version of the device. It appears expectedly buggy but shows most of the main features that will ship with the M8 when it gets its release in the coming months.

It starts off by showing the M8 side-by-side with its predecessor the HTC One and illustrates that the device is noticeably longer due to the size of the screen being increased to a reported 5.1in.

Next, the youthful sounding commentator explains that there are two cameras on the backside of the M8 and the front facing camera’s flash has moved to the right hand side of the device.

The new handset has also done away with the buttons at the bottom of the screen that were present on the HTC One and they are now incorporated as on-screen icons.

The presence of an updated version of BlinkFeed is confirmed and the video producer also reveals the new version of the HTC Sense OS in some detail. Other little tweaks include the SIM card slot being moved from one side to the other and the headphone jack is now on the foot of the device.

Originally it was uploaded by YouTube user GadgetReviews before he realised it included sensitive information such as the IMEI number and other YouTube users have since uploaded copies of the same video.

HTC will unveil the M8 smartphone on 25 March and it has been doing its best to create hype around the device by uploading teaser videos of their own that dub the smartphone as even more metal than the HTC One.

It’s expected that as well as the new 5.1in screen it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 2.3GHz quad-core processor and various other features that have still yet to be confirmed.

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What’s for sure is that the HTC M8 has some big boots to fill since the HTC One was voted 2013’s best smartphone ahead of all other devices including Apple’s iPhone 5S and the Samsung Galaxy S4.