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Oracle pushes out Mobile Security Suite for better BYOD protection

Oracle has launched a new Mobile Security Suite to help organisations keep a lid on their precious data when it comes to staff using their own mobile devices at work (BYOD).

The suite, which is part of the Oracle Mobile Platform, implements a secure workspace on a mobile device where enterprise apps and data can reside, safe and protected, and also keeps the users’ own personal data and apps private and separate.

While personal and company data are kept separate, Oracle’s solution avoids complicating matters and provides a single sign-on for access, and a user friendly interface is promised. The stored data is encrypted, and the suite boasts a number of features including per application network tunnelling, and native integration with Microsoft Active Directory for access to shared drives.

Enterprises will be able to use the new Mobile Security Suite’s controls to utilise geo-fencing (restricting access based on location), to prevent data loss (by, for example, preventing copy and pasting), and to remotely wipe company data off devices when an employee leaves the firm.

The suite boasts a secure email client and browser, file manager, document editor and a mobile app store. It is also compatible with Oracle Identity & Access Management, allowing for fraud detection, and keeping on top of governance and compliance issues.

Amit Jasuja, senior VP of Java and Identity Management at Oracle, commented: “Oracle Mobile Security Suite brings the strength of Oracle’s Identity Management platform to mobile devices, and as a result helps organisations address the BYOD challenge with a logical approach. By extending security and access capabilities to mobile devices, organizations can protect corporate resources on employee devices without compromising the user experience.”