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Samsung gears up for April release date of Galaxy S5

Samsung on Monday confirmed an April release date for the Galaxy S5 and is gearing up for the US debut of its next-generation smartphone with more than £300 worth of teased rewards.

"The Galaxy S5 will launch in the US in April," a Samsung spokesperson informed ITProPortal.

Meanwhile, "Samsung Galaxy Gifts" being offered in association with the USrelease of the Galaxy S5 include free premium subscriptions, in-app purchases, and gratis downloads that total $576 (£300).

And don't be too quick to write off these freebies as a set of otherwise uninteresting applications. According to the Galaxy Gifts website, the company is giving away one year worth of premium service for Run Keeper, six months of Wall Street Journal access (typically $160), £6 worth of in-game Cut the Rope 2 credits, free 50GB Box storage for half a year, among others deal sweeteners.

"Meaningful rewards from the world's top brands to make your Galaxy S5 experience even more enjoyable and productive. From fitness to news to productivity apps, the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with free, long-term subscriptions and premium services," the rewards page said.

Those services include special offers from PayPal and Evernote.

Check out all of the enticing benefits online. Samsung hasn't revealed the price tag for the Galaxy S5, but a new TV ad (see below) offers some more information about the phone and plans around the stateside launch date.

The phone was announced at last month's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For more, check out our Samsung Galaxy S5 vs Google Nexus 5: Spec comparison.

As if the new handset weren't gaining enough attention, Samsung's device got a huge boost during Sunday's Academy Awards telecast, thanks to its first 30-second commercial. And that Hollywood group-selfie with a Galaxy Note 3 didn't hurt, either. (Fingers crossed that Meryl Streep didn't contract lice from Jennifer Lawrence.)

Set to sweeping music and Oscar-tinged text— "Every year we celebrate ... the biggest and brightest..." —flashes of the 5.1-inch smartphone fade in and out, reminding us that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is "the smartest, most innovative" phone out there. And it has a built-in heart rate monitor!

The next big thing is here—or at least it will be next month, according to the ad. Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation.