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Support Tech City: Kickstarter making Burger Bear's "disco diner" with Bitcoin exchange a reality

Popular London street food slinger Burger Bear has turned to Kickstarter to help build a high-tech "diner-style disco paradise" in the heart of Silicon Roundabout.

Whilst perhaps best known for quality patties and addictive bacon jams, Burger Bear - founded by Tom Reaney - is also a mainstay of the Tech City community and was one of the first London vendors to utilise alternative payments when it began accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin in 2013.

As well as a tempting menu, Reaney's proposed new eatery would also serve as a technology hub in East London, featuring USB charging ports, superfast broadband, and a cryptocurrency exchange.

"It's not only a disco burger joint but a digital hub of activity. We love the Silicon Roundabout community in Shoreditch, we love tech and the start up revolution, we accept Crypto currency as payment as well as paper money and we want to use our space to grow this community," Reaney explains in his Kickstarter pitch.

At time of publication, Burger Bear's crowdfunding push had secured more than £26,000 of its £30,00 target, meaning the campaign looks odds-on to succeed.

The deadline for backers is 16 March, with rewards ranging from free burgers to bespoke house parties. To throw down your support to Burger Bear and the Tech City community, go to this Kickstarter page now.