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Android 4.4 KitKat update will bring 4K video support to LG G Flex

LG G Flex owners have something to look forward to, namely the fact that when the handset gets updated to Android 4.4, the ability to shoot 4K video will be added.

This news comes from Phone Arena, which cites a previously reliable tipster who claims that 4K support is coming with KitKat. Furthermore, the website notes a User Agent profile it spotted, showing a 6in device (which the G Flex is) boasting 2160p video.

Of course, bear in mind that you may be able to shoot 4K video, but you’ll also need a 4K display to get the benefit when playing those clips back.

One slight niggle is that apparently 120 fps slow motion video won’t be coming alongside the added 4K support for the curvy G Flex. LG’s G2 phone has already been modded to support 4K video and 120 fps slow-mo.

As to when the G Flex will actually see Android 4.4 arrive, that’s still unclear, but with any luck it should be fairly soon. KitKat has been sluggish to roll out, even more so than Jelly Bean was, sadly.

We’ll have a review of the LG G Flex very shortly, incidentally, so stay tuned for that.