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Apple’s iOS 7.1 update could arrive on iPhones and iPads later this week

It would seem that Apple’s next major version of its mobile operating system, namely iOS 7.1, will break cover very soon – in fact, possibly later this week.

We’d already heard that version 7.1 was expected to be released in March, and the latest iOS rumour comes from John Gruber (via 9 to 5 Mac). Gruber observed that Cupertino is holding its first iTunes Festival over in the States next Tuesday, and that “Apple is going to stream the performances to iOS devices using an app.”

The juicy bit is that a source he has spoken to claims the app in question will require iOS 7.1 – which is why the app isn’t yet available. So, putting two and two together, the new version of iOS has to be released this week (or next Monday at the latest – although that would be cutting it fine). If the source is right, that is…

Apple device owners will doubtless be pleased to hear that the wait could be almost over, because it’s been quite a long wait for the first major update to iOS 7 – six months, in fact. Apple managed to push iOS 6.1 out in January 2013, so iOS 7.1 has taken a couple of months longer to arrive.

It’ll bring with it various bug fixes and performance tweaks, along with adjustments to the interface (which was all-new for iOS 7, of course).