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Huawei launches next-gen YouView+ box capable of holding 300 hours worth of content

Huawei has launched its first ever YouView HD set top box that will be capable of recording up to 300 hours of content from the 70+ channels that are available via the YouView service.

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The set top box, known as YouView+ DN371T, takes the form of a 500GB HD video recorder that allows up to 300 hours of standard definition content to be recorded as well as 125 hours of HD content.

“Huawei’s technology has been at the centre of the developments in British television viewing driven by YouView, via a hugely successful strategic partnership with TalkTalk. We are therefore thrilled to be launching our own set-top box, which includes cutting-edge innovations to personal video recording technology and will play a key role in bringing YouView to the widest possible audience by offering a completely subscription free option for consumers,” stated Mark Mitchinson, executive VP of Huawei UK and Ireland.

Huawei’s box allows owners to record one programme whilst watching another one or to record two programmes at the same time as watching one that was recorded earlier or viewing on-demand content.

70 digital TV channels can be accessed via a 15-day TV guide that allows programmes to be recorded, series-link to be activated, and by downloading the YouView app users can activate remote recording.

Huawei has had a strategic partnership with YouView since 2010 and when the service was launched in 2012 it was the exclusive hardware supplier for TalkTalk. Worldwide it provides set top boxes to over 15 service providers and global shipments have totalled 33 million units over the past five years.

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The set top box will be distributed exclusively by Exertis Micro-P and can also be bought from Amazon, Maplin or eBuyer with prices starting at £291.00.