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Mobile app of the day: OneDrive

How much cloud based storage do you need, and from how many different sources? Well, a lot of people maintain a number of different cloud accounts, using them for a range of purposes. If you used to be a SkyDrive fan (that’s Microsoft’s free cloud storage offering), then you’ll know it has changed its name to OneDrive following a dispute with BSkyB.

Microsoft has taken the requirement to give its cloud storage a new name as an opportunity to add features for Android users. So the good news is that if you’ve an Android handset you can now get automatic photo backup to OneDrive as soon as you take a snap. As well as protecting your photos, this means you can see them from any Internet connected PC or tablet without the bother of transferring them across manually. If your photos are of important business products or the cat and dog you love so much, this could be a really big plus point.

It’s not just photos, though. The 7GB of free OneDrive cloud storage can be used to store anything, of course, and like all cloud storage you can get to your stuff from anywhere you can get online.

Click here to download OneDrive for Android, or for iOS, or Windows Phone.

Product: OneDrive

OS: Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Price: Free