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Roku Streaming Stick comes to the UK

Roku has announced that its new Streaming Stick will be unleashed in the UK, a USB stick-like device which plugs into an HDMI port on any HDTV to provide streaming services.

The Streaming Stick has been available in the US for a while, much like Google’s Chromecast – which is set to (hopefully) arrive over here this month. Now Roku will flog its device to UK customers for £50, with pre-orders open.

Boasting over 750 channels of movies, TV shows and music in the UK and Ireland (1,200 in the US), including all the big names you’d expect such as iPlayer and YouTube, the Streaming Stick pushes this content to your TV in full 1080p.

It comes with a remote control, but also boasts dual-band Wi-Fi so it can be controlled via your smartphone or tablet (with the Roku Android or iOS app). The app can also stream content from, say, Netflix, directly to the TV, or videos from your phone or tablet (and Roku’s planning to add streaming from laptops, too).

Jim Funk, senior VP of product management at Roku, commented: “The new Roku Streaming Stick gives consumers more choice for streaming entertainment to the TV than any other device. Consumers want a ton of entertainment, an easy way to search for movies and TV shows, and options to control the experience with a remote or mobile device. This new Roku Streaming Stick brings all that and more – and in a tiny form factor.”

You can pre-order the Roku Streaming Stick here.

Roku is also working on a line of TVs, which we discuss in this feature that asks whether CES 2014 was the death knell for media streaming devices.

Image Credit: Businesswire