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Inmarsat picks Apigee to control app development on global mobile broadband platform

Inmarsat has picked Apigee to provide an API platform that will allow Inmarsat’s Certified Application Providers [CAPs] to work on apps that use the Global Xpress [GX] global high-speed mobile broadband service.

Inmarsat has already launched one Inmarsat-5 satellite in December 2013 with plans to launch two more GX satellites into orbit later on this year. It’s intended that the satellites will offer a combination of seamless global Ka-band coverage from a single operator, performance of up to 50Mbps piped to mobile or fixed terminals, and the network reliability for which Inmarsat is known.

Apigee plays the part of providing the technology to allow Inmarsat’s CAPs to develop applications for specific market sectors that take advantage of GX’s high level of bandwidth

"Apigee's experience and go-to-market capability were important factors and their fast start approach through cloud deployment allows us to work with our partners immediately, as we integrate their on-premise solution seamlessly into our Service Enablement Platform and developer portal,” said David Schoen, VP of product and service development at Inmarsat.

Apigee’s platform for digital acceleration is put in place to assist a company of any size to succeed by bringing predictive big data analytics together with an adaptive digital infrastructure. The company’s Apigee Edge cloud based service is also particularly helpful as it allows Inmarsat CAPs to be up and running with Apigee APIs as soon as possible as well as create new APIs using exposed data when up and running.

"Most home broadband speeds lag some way behind the 50Mbps Inmarsat will offer -- this breakthrough will transform businesses by allowing a seamless transition between in-the-office and on-the-go. The apps developed through our developer portal will help bridge the gap that still ties many employees at even the most successful enterprises to their desk.” stated Jeremy Perlman, MD of EMEA at Apigee.