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Minority Report-style interface software Dizmo smashes Kickstarter funding target

Dizmo, software which provides a snazzy user interface for the smart home – or indeed the office, or classroom – has seen a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising almost $44,000 (£26,000) as of the time of writing.

The campaign is about to close in half an hour, but Dizmo has almost doubled its funding goal of $25,000 (£15,000). The UI has apparently been ranked as one of the most popular tech projects throughout its campaign, and fulfilled its funding two weeks ago.

The interface allows users to interact with “dizmos” (digital gizmos) – images, websites, videos, apps, which can all be manipulated on-screen Minority Report-style. So you’ll be able to move apps around, expand or shrink them, dock them and so forth, optionally while wearing all black and practicing your best Tom Cruise-like intense stare. It's even possible to share and manipulate dizmos between multiple devices.

The Dizmo software is compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux, and works no matter what hardware you have hooked up to the machine – whether that’s a touchscreen, touchpad or plain old mouse.

Matthias Aebi, Founder and CEO of Dizmo, explains: “Our dream was not only to successfully complete the Kickstarter campaign, but to build an engaged and creative community of backers and developers and to create a product with huge potential. With the support and feedback we’ve had from our brilliant backers, we are proud to say we’ve achieved that and are very excited for what the future holds.”