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Mobile app of the day: Bus Guru

We have to apologise to our non-London based readers for the shamelessly location-specific nature of Bus Guru. It is only going to be a useful app if you are a user of London’s buses. However, it deserves a mention because it is such a stunningly well put together piece of software.

Bus Guru concentrates on a fairly simple task, and it does that with great panache. The app uses Transport for London’s bus location data to tell you when your next bus is due. It’ll identify bus stops and buses near your current location, lets you look for buses at a particular location anywhere in London, and will do live journey planning, helping you find the fastest route between A and B. It’ll show you the route of any bus diagrammatically, stop by stop, and plot that route on a map. And because it uses live data it knows about delays and diversions and can help you avoid them.

There are a few other neat additions here, with the ability to save bus stops as favourites and scan back through recently visited bus stops. If you are London based and travel by bus, Bus Guru is definitely an app for you.

Click here to download Bus Guru for Android, or here for iOS.

Product: Bus Guru

OS: Android, iOS

Price: Free