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Thames Water takes battle to the floods through smart monitoring pilot with Accenture

Accenture has been chosen by Thames Water to conduct a pilot study into the use of smart technology to monitor its services throughout the UK and try to provide better preparation for leaks and adverse weather.

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The 18-month pilot programme, which got underway in September 2013, sees Accenture using its Smart Grid Services to test, monitor and assess the benefits that integrating Thames Water's business systems with its operations technologies can bring.

Accenture’s advanced analytics will allow Thames Water to source water more efficiently as well as provide remote monitoring of various sites across the south of England. The data gives the company the time to respond more intelligently to critical weather events and leaks as well as anticipate equipment failures before they take place.

“The convergence of a wide range of digital technologies used to manage its infrastructure, will give Thames Water greater flexibility to respond to varying operating conditions, such as fluctuations in demand and changing weather patterns,” said Suleman Alli, managing director of Accenture’s UK water utilities industry group. “The company can make a step change in its ability to manage the performance of its assets through smarter use of its existing data and systems.”

Thames Water will be able to have a complete overview of its operating systems and assets in one place and is one of the first water companies to utilise smart monitoring to optimise its services.

“This pilot will provide us with a clear framework for the benefits that can be realised,” said Martin Dangerfield, head of PR14 and wholesale plan at Thames Water. “We selected Accenture to help us with this programme due to its deep understanding of our needs, expertise in systems integration and similar experience in other sectors.”

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Deals to roll out smart technology across the UK have been springing up with regularity over the past five years or so with energy monitoring one of the sectors that has started to realise the benefits of the technology. Telefónica, for example, managed to bag a £1.5 billion contract to roll out the majority of the 53 million smart energy meters that the government has promised to implement by 2020.

Image Credit: Flickr (Jim Linwood)