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Yahoo continues spending spree with data visualisation firm Vizify

Yahoo has picked up yet another company: web customisation tool Vizify.

As part of the deal, Yahoo will shut down Vizify, so the company is no longer accepting new signups or purchases of paid plans. Vizify will issue refunds to plan holders and send instructions to those who have registered domains or created bios for how to regain that domain or get a "snapshot" of their bios that will be available until 1 September.

In a statement on its website, Vizify said its goal was to transform "information that we all consume and create every day into something more beautiful and personal" - which it has done through graphical bios, infographic cards, and videos.

Vizify said it has been in talks with Yahoo since last summer "about the ways this more visual approach to data can inspire and entertain.

"As our conversations progressed, we realized we'd found a partner who shared our passion for user experience, design, and visualizing information," Vizify said. "Ultimately, we just couldn't say no to the opportunity to bring our vision to the hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo every day."

Vizify first made headlines in 2012 when it teamed up with Twitter for its annual year-end review, allowing users to receive a visualisation of their year on the micro-blogging site.

Last year, the company also unveiled Vizcards, which were essentially bite-sized infographics all about you, whether you were telling the world how much caffeine you consumed that day or what your first concert was.

And in September, it rolled out Vizify Connections, which let you create an animated, interactive graphic of your Twitter network, including those in your inner circle, topics you tweet about most, and how your relationships on the site have changed over time.