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Apple OS X Mavericks beta update includes “much sharper” 4K-monitor support

Apple’s latest version of OS X Mavericks includes support for 4K-resolution monitors with the beta version fuelling rumours that the company will soon release its own high-resolution monitor.

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9to5Mac reports that developers have been provided with the first beta of OS X Mavericks version 10.9.3 that allows Mac OS X to be run on 4K-resolution monitors at a pixel-doubled “Retina” resolution.

The news means that owners of computers running Mac OS X and wanting to use 4K monitors will see content that is “much sharper” than was available with previous versions of OS X.

In addition, some users are reporting that the late-2013 Retina MacBook Pro can run on the 4K display with a refresh rate of 60Hz, which goes against Apple’s website that states that the most recent MacBook Pro can only run the display at 24Hz or 30Hz using HDMI.

The additional 4K-monitor support will also be helpful for Mac Pro owners, as it should make it easier to set up 4K-resolution monitors in conjunction with the high-powered machine. It’s true that the Mac Pro already supports 60Hz output using the display port, though it’s more tricky than simply fiddling with the Apple display settings and the OS X Mavericks update will make this process much more simple.

Apple released the Mac Pro late last year and one of the key features was the fact that it can support up to three 4K displays straight out of the box hence the addition of simple 60Hz will be a particular advantage for Mac Pro owners.

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The company itself has yet to detail any of the new features that will be bundled with the new version of OS X Mavericks and the rumoured changes will add fuel to the fire that Apple is ready to release its own 4K-resolution external monitors or even a 4K-resolution iMac.