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Eventbrite entices promoters with new drag-and-drop reserved seating feature

Event planning startup Eventbrite hopes to entice promoters with a new reserved-seating feature that allows organisers to set the order in which their tickets are sold.

Want to ensure that theater-goers fill up the front rows first? Or that dinner guests pick spots further away from the DJ booth? Just locate the main attraction of your event space, and Eventbrite will do the rest.

If you don't like the site's configuration, feel free to tailor seating to better fit your expectations.

"Don't be fooled by the seamless simplicity," Eventbrite's director of product, Sean Porter, said in a blog post. "This intuitive, delightful user experience is supported by sophisticated backend technology that will scale to the largest and most popular of events, and ensures a wicked-fast purchase process for attendees" via mobile and Web.

Now available to all Eventbrite users, Seat Designer allows them to create a realistic seat map, market "best available" seating, set prices for individual seats, and crowd-source seat maps by other organisations.

Also, tap into other Eventbrite tools to set up discounts, access sales data and reports, and more features.

"Aside from the creation of a beautiful and robust online design tool, we're particularly proud of the breakthroughs we made around simplifying the complex and cumbersome process of setting up seat maps and assignments," Porter boasted.