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HTC Desire 310 will be landing in the UK come April

The HTC Desire 310 has emerged blinking in the sunlight, with the budget follow-up to the Desire 300 appearing on HTC’s website, and it’s set to go on sale next month.

We’ve only just reviewed the Desire 300, as it happens, which is pitched at the £175 mark, and we found it lacking compared to current budget all-star the Moto G. Our reviewer found the 300 to be sluggish, low on storage, with a disappointingly low screen resolution.

The good news is that the Desire 310 addresses some of these issues, in particular the sluggishness, as it has cast out the dual-core CPU and whacked in a 1.3GHz Cortex-A7 quad-core processor instead. The RAM has also been doubled up to 1GB, with the 512MB seen in the 300 a definite weak point – so this handset should feel far more responsive.

The not-so-great news is on the display front. The Desire 310 comes with a 4.5in display (whereas the 300 had a 4.3in screen) and a resolution of 854 x 480, which is a small increase from the previous model’s 800 x 480 pixels. Given the 0.2in bigger display, though, we can’t imagine this will make much of a difference, if any, and the fuzzy text issues our reviewer complained about will still be present.

There have been some other minor tweaks, such as the battery being pepped up a bit, but this isn’t likely to be enough to compete with the Moto G. The Desire 310’s price isn’t confirmed yet, of course, but we can’t see HTC doing something radical in that department looking at what the firm asked for the Desire 300.

With its renewed focus on low-end handsets going forward, hopefully HTC will manage to do something to really make sure these phones live up to their name, and people once again desire them.