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Mobile app of the day: Google Translate

As a traveller, there’s nothing more frustrating than being in a situation where you just can’t explain yourself because you don’t know the local language. Perhaps you need to get directions to somewhere, or you want to buy something and can’t ask a question about the item. Or maybe you are just trying to suss out a menu. Now picture someone trying to tell you something in their native tongue, and you simply not having a clue what they are saying.

Google translate works with more than 70 languages. It’ll take a shot at translating written text if you photograph it, or you can speak to it, or type what you want translated. There are some natty features built in – one that could be useful is the ability to check your SMS history and translate messages. Another is the ability to translate text you write on the screen with your finger.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, Google Translate has plenty to offer. If in doubt, imagine asking that theoretical person from the introduction, the one who was talking gibberish, to speak into your handset, and have it return a perfectly understandable translation in both spoken and written form, in the language of your choice.

Click here to download Google Translate for Android.

Product: Google Translate

OS: Android

Price: Free