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Nokia Lumia 630's colourful backside gives way to disappointing camera

Leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 630’s backside have showed up that suggest the camera capabilities of the upcoming device will be of the basic variety.

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Prolific smartphone rumour-monger @evleaks posted an image of the colourful new device that will be at the lower end of Nokia’s smartphone spectrum and come in a range of different colours.

The image reveals that the Lumia 630 comes in green, orange, yellow, white and black, and the camera is a basic lens that has no flash or camera key. It will also feature on-screen buttons to provide navigation and search features, and it’s expected this will be one of the first to run the Windows Phone 8.1 OS.

Nicknamed Moneypenny up until recently, there are few details on what the Lumia 630 will have under the bonnet and rumours have mentioned a 4in screen as well as 1GB of RAM. On the screen itself leaked images showed two different signal bars that have led many to speculate that the smartphone will have a dual SIM option and that a separate model, the Lumia 635, will include this.

In addition to the dual signal bars, the live tiles on previous screenshots showed two dedicated to calls and another two to messaging that again demonstrate the dual SIM options that may come as part of the package.

Windows Phone 8.1, meanwhile, should get its release at some point later this year with a variety of new features including a personal assistant codenamed Cortana as well as an “Action Centre” that acts as the OS’s notification centre.

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The OS as a whole is continuing to battle valiantly against its rivals in Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, and is expected to grow faster than any other OS in the coming 12 months.