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Apple finally unleashes iOS 7.1 for iPhone and iPad owners

Apple has finally made iOS 7.1 available to download for iGadget owners, with a raft of bug fixes and tweaks.

It has taken Cupertino almost six months to push this upgrade out, which is nearly two months longer than iOS 6.1 took to turn up on the scene in early 2013.

As we reported last week, the launch did indeed come ahead of the first iTunes Festival in the US tomorrow – as apparently the app needed to stream that requires iOS 7.1.

Those with an iPhone 4 or iPad 2, or newer, can install the upgrade. So what new features will they experience, you may well ask?

One of the big ones for the future (or so Apple hopes) is CarPlay support, the in-car entertainment system which we’ve been hearing a great deal about since its launch at the Geneva Motor Show last week.

Siri has also been tweaked to add manual control for denoting when you’re done querying (you hold down, and then let go of the Home button when you’ve finished speaking). And the UK accents, both male and female, have also been adjusted to sound more natural (“what, what, top-hole Siri…” – or maybe not).

There are also various UI adjustments, tweaks to iTunes Radio, and tinkering with the Calendar that we knew was coming, along with improvements to the Touch ID fingerprint sensor – so that should work better.

Another claimed improvement is the performance of the OS on the iPhone 4, good news for those who upgraded to iOS 7 and found it too stutter-filled on this older model to be palatable.

And, naturally enough, there are a load of bug fixes, which is part of the reason why this update has taken so long to come to fruition, we’d imagine. Anyway – it’s here now, so iOS 7 users, go grab it from Settings, General, and then tap Software Update.