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Brit kidneys sell for just £20,000 on Facebook

British Facebook users are apparently trying to sell their kidneys on the site, according to a newspaper report.

This story was unearthed by a Sunday Post reporter, who found people desperately looking to make cash by unloading a kidney on the social network.

The reporter pretended to be the brother of a woman who needed a transplant, and advertised himself on a Facebook page apparently designed to facilitate the trade of vital organs.

He claimed that he received 11 messages from folks willing to part with a kidney on the black market.

He went through with mock negotiations with several people from the UK, including a man from the north of England who wanted £30,000 for his kidney, and a young dad in Northampton who wanted £20,000 to enable him and his partner to return to Hungary.

Needless to say, the risks of a black market kidney operation – which would take place in some dodgy makeshift surgery abroad – don’t bear thinking about. And of course these people are risking jail time of up to three years should they be caught attempting to sell an organ on the black market.

Apparently, this doesn’t phase some desperate folks, though – none of whom seem to quite realise the gravity of ridding yourself of a kidney (you can live with one kidney, of course, but there will be serious effects to your health – particularly if the operation is carried out by some bloke with a hacksaw in a backstreet Chinese “operating theatre”).

We’re sure Facebook doesn’t condone organ trading pages, either, but as with any sprawling Internet entity, it’s near-impossible to police everything that goes on within its pages.

Luc Noel, an advisor for the World Health Organisation, told the Post: “Your Facebook experience is revealing. It demonstrates the vulnerability of some people and the power of easy money. This is one of the reasons to prohibit payment.”