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Intel, McAfee announce new collaborative security strategy at CeBIT 2014

Computing giant Intel has used its high profile CeBIT 2014 press conference to declare a new collaborative security strategy involving itself, McAfee, and Wind River.

Both McAfee and Wind River are already part of the Intel Security Group, so the announcement focused specifically on plans to beef up security around Intel's growing Smart Grid solutions arm.

Praising the "incredible assets" being brought together, Intel said that the strategy refresh would combine the best of its hardware with McAfee's advanced threat knowledge and the Wind River operating system.

The end result, according to Intel, would be significantly improved defences for participating intelligent electricity networks, enabling the analysis and elimination of new threats in real-time.

Joining the press conference, McAfee security guru Raj Samani noted that critical energy infrastructure was a prime target for malware and more than warranted an overhaul in strategy.

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"Intel have done a great job of developing hardware, but they would then walk away. A very siloed approach - you do your bit, we do our bit and we never talk," he commented.

Samani added: "The threat landscape has recognised that - it's evolving. If we look at the way malware works, security software needs to get deeper and work harder. We're announcing today the McAfee, Wind River and Intel collaborative approach."

Intel first unveils plans to re-brand and integrate McAfee as part of its Intel Security Group back at CES in January.

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