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SmartCloud for Social Business: A closer look at IBM's security approach

Smart Cloud for Social Businesses is an integrated suite of collaboration tools that combine your business social network with web conferencing and collaboration capabilities, like file storing and sharing, instant messaging and activity management. SmartCloud for Social Business provides essential collaboration services, leveraging IBM's unique position as a world-renowned security leader and trusted partner.

SmartCloud for Social Business (abbreviated SC4SB) can be purchased based on a set of service plans that incorporate different features sets. These plans are: • IBM SmartCloud Engage Standard,IBM SmartCloud Engage Advanced, IBM SmartCloud Connections, IBM SmartCloud Meetings, IBM SmartCloud Notes, and IBM SmartCloud iNotes

This white paper is applicable to SC4SB as a whole, regardless of the service bundle. Individual white papers that go into additional details about email specific security features of the SmartCloud Notes and iNotes email services are also available.

For up to date information on service plans and current pricing please visit:

Security is a competitive differentiator for SC4SB. SC4SB's business-ready security is based on a deep understanding of security and privacy best practices developed at IBM over decades of managing data and systems on behalf of IBM and its clients. IBM's security controls provide privacy and controlled authorization to sensitive information while enabling business operations. SC4SB protects our customers' information through governance, tools, technology, techniques, and personnel, each of which we discuss in more detail below.The SmartCloud for Social Business Security approach is based on three pillars: A security-rich infrastructure, policy enforcement points providing application security, and human centred security.

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