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SXSW: Google announces wearables SDK to corner the market Android-style

Google’s Android boss (the head of the OS, that is – he’s not literally an android) has announced that Google is going to unleash a wearables SDK very shortly.

The idea is to do exactly what Google has done with Android and smartphones, but in the wearables market, which is currently taking off and causing plenty of buzz (there was a whole heap of wearables stuff at both CES and MWC recently, particularly health and fitness gizmos).

Sundar Pichai spoke about the Software Development Kit at SXSW. According to the Guardian, he said: “In about two weeks, you will see us launch the first SDK for what we think of as Android for wearables.”

“When we think of wearables, we think of it as a platform. We see a world of sensors... Sensors can be small and powerful, and gather a lot of information that can be useful for users. We want to build the right APIs for this world of sensors.”

(We might add that sensors can be small and powerful – and gather a lot of information for Google, as well).

Clearly, Google sees wearables as playing a big part in the future – a future in which it has its data-mining paws everywhere – but Pichai wouldn’t be drawn on rumours that the big G was developing its own smartwatch. He didn’t mention anything about hardware, and said that “from my standpoint and the team’s standpoint, we want to focus on the platform and the APIs.”

Google does, of course, have Google Glass on the boil.

At any rate, Pichai hopes that the release of the SDK will spark product developers to go beyond smartwatches and fitness gadgets, and start to innovate and create a whole range of smart devices.

As we reported earlier today, Pichai also mentioned the Chromecast streaming dongle – which should be coming to the UK before the end of March (fingers crossed).