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Capgemini offers advanced cybersecurity to customers through Unisys deal

Capgemini UK has signed a deal to become a value-added reseller [VAR] of Unisys Stealth cybersecurity software in the UK to bring a higher level of security protection to its customers.

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The deal will allow Capgemini UK to offer its customers advanced data cloaking and encryption techniques that are at the heart of Unisys’ solution and help to make devices, data and end users “virtually invisible” on the company’s network.

“Together with Unisys, we are pleased to combine Stealth’s innovative technology with our business and technology services, to help customers better manage their business risk and protect their organizations from a growing a number of targeted attacks, whether that be for enterprise, network, cloud or mobile operations,” said Mike Turner, vice president and UK chief security officer of Capgemini UK.

As a result of the deal Capgemini has been given the title of a Unisys Foundation Channel Partner, the highest level of partnership available in the Unisys channel programme. It adds its name to the 60 VARs that are already a part of the programme and it is the first systems integrator to be added to the network.

“It’s clear from almost daily reports of cyber-attacks and data breaches that traditional approaches to data protection are not working,” said Tom Zorn, vice president of Unisys Software Channels. “Unisys Stealth takes a revolutionary approach to securing an organization’s most critical information assets. We look forward to working with Capgemini to help organizations benefit from the power of Unisys Stealth to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks.”

Unisys Stealth will also allow secure user communities, or Communities of Interest [COIs], to be created within an enterprise and will only let those within the COIs to access the information, whilst those outside the COIs may not even know that the information even exists.