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CeBIT 2014: ZTE announces LTE broadband multimedia trunking system

Over at CeBIT, ZTE has launched a new broadband multimedia trunking solution which is based on TD-LTE technology, and aims to cover a broad swathe of industries and their ICT needs.

ZTE notes that traditional narrowband digital trunking solutions provide just voice and limited data capacity, whereas ZTE’s new trunking system has the capacity to cope with bandwidth-heavy activities including HD video and multimedia video conferencing.

ZTE’s LTE broadband offering boasts 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up, and as well as shifting heavy data traffic, the system also supports voice calls, short messenger services and voice intercom functions. Capacity isn’t limited, either, so ZTE can scale this solution to meet customer requirements.

The system also has security in mind, with over-the-air encryption, VPN, bi-directional access authentication and a number of other measures to ensure the data being zipped around stays hidden from any potential prying eyes.

The company further notes that its broadband multimedia trunking solution will be a major boon to sectors including energy, public safety and transport.

ZTE said in a press statement: “ZTE’s LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution is being applied in a number of ways in the energy sector. With its flexible networking, fast deployment, widespread network coverage and safe and reliable performance, the system has supported the establishment of smart grids and digital oilfield network.”

This wasn’t the only news that ZTE broke at CeBIT, either, as it was also talking up the launch of its revamped U-Safety public safety solution. This offers trunked radio, safety management and emergency response services to emergency and law enforcement organisations. The system taps into big data analysis and the Internet of Things to improve its efficiency, and is currently used in over 40 countries across the globe.