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Google preparing to ditch Nexus 7 in favour of Intel-powered 8in tablet?

There’s more on the Nexus front this afternoon, with news that Google may be planning to discontinue producing 7in Nexus tablets in favour of the 8in form factor this summer (when Android 4.5 bursts onto the scene).

It would seem that perhaps 7in is deemed a little on the small side – after all, it’s not much bigger than some of the phablets which are being pushed out these days, tipping over the 6in mark.

Apple settled on 8in as the correct size for a compact tablet – and so maybe Google is set to follow in Cupertino’s footsteps. Still, the one advantage that the 7in models do have is that they nestle more comfortably in one hand (particularly if you don’t have giant hands).

At any rate, this rumour comes from AndroidPit (via BGR), with the source also postulating that the timing of the launch ties in with Intel’s schedule for its new mobile CPU – and that the next Nexus could have a 64-bit Moorefield engine. Moorefield will be quad-core, and the processor we saw in action on a reference phone at MWC hit 2.3GHz – it was pretty slick.

An Intel-inside Nexus would be quite the departure for Google, though, and we think a hefty pinch of salt is needed with that idea. An 8in tablet, however, well that’s perhaps more likely to be on the cards; particularly given that this isn't the first time this rumour has popped up.

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