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HTC One to be kept on as affordable premium handset post-HTC M8 launch?

An interesting rumour has popped up on the mobile grapevine regarding HTC’s popular One handset – which has held its own in the critics’ eyes against the likes of the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5S, if not in terms of actual sales.

As you may be aware, HTC is set to launch its next-generation HTC One (codenamed the M8, but it seems it could end up being called the All New HTC One – let’s just hope not) on 25 March.

An inside source from a phone retailer who spoke to Phones Review said that there are ongoing talks with HTC to offer the existing HTC One at a lower price once the new model is on the shelves.

Not that this idea is anything new, but we note that HTC has recently been making a lot of noise about a renewed focus on mid-range and cheaper handsets, as the premium end of the market hasn’t proved so profitable for the firm since the days of the Desire.

We wonder, then, if HTC could be mulling a bigger price cut than you might imagine with the HTC One, to really try and shift some units. Certainly it’s still a great phone, even a year on, and some daring on the price front could really turn some consumer heads.

On the downside, there’s the fact that the HTC One is a premium handset with a premium build, so there’s probably only so much movement HTC can have on the price.

Rumour has it that the One’s successor will have a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU backed by 3GB of RAM, with a 5in 1080p display. We’ll find out the exact spec, and possibly the fate of the old One, in a fortnight.