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McAfee spots 200 new cyber attacks every minute in 2013

Over 200 new cyber attacks occurred every minute in 2013 as hackers found a number of dangerous new ways to use malware in order to gain access to computers and other devices.

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McAfee’s Threats Report for Q4 2013 showed that its anti-virus software detected over three threats a second in 2013 to further add fuel to the fire that malware usage is continuing to grow.

Mobile malware figures were also particularly worrying as the company pointed out that it compiled 2.47 million new examples of malicious information from Android devices, which was an increase of 197 per cent when put up against the same figure from 2012.

Ransomware is another area that has mushroomed as the same report showed that the number of instances has doubled to two million in the year to Q4 2013. The same report showed that point of sale [POS] malware is something that is also growing in prominence.

"During the last few years we have seen a notable rise in the malware families POSCardStealer, Dexter, Alina, vSkimmer, Project Hook and others, many of which are available for purchase online," McAfee’s report stated.

It comes after we reported yesterday that McAfee found in the same report that the Deep Web is increasingly being used by cyber criminals to improve and trade simple malware that can be implemented to cause large scale damage.

Mobile malware, particularly on Google’s Android OS, has also been highlighted as something that is here to stay for the time being. Kaspersky’s latest report into mobile malware showed that there has been a large rise in the use of mobile banking Trojans, the number growing from a modest 67 at the start of 2013 to 1,321 by the end of 2013.

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Numbers weren’t any more optimistic where overall mobile devices were concerned as Kaspersky saw 100,000 pieces of malware in 2013, which compared to just 40,000 through 2012 – 98 per cent of this targeting the Android OS.

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