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Mobile app of the day: Timera

For everybody that uses the camera in their smartphone all the time, there’s another person that barely touches it. If you are in the former camp, then Timera might just be the best camera app you’ll ever see. Eventually. Let me explain further…

Timera doesn’t let you distort a photo of your best friend so they look squished or stretched. It doesn’t let you apply a marble, mosaic or sketch filter. In fact, it’s a time machine – use your current location or search for a place and Timera will find old photos of that place. There’s definitely a wow factor in seeing somewhere you are looking at as it once was. You can even shoot a photo that includes both an old image and your brand new one.

This is really alluring. But Timera is a new app, and when I tested it I found the image library to be small – very small in fact. It didn’t know anything about where I live, and in fact it didn’t have much of a library at all across the whole of South London. But I’m prepared to give it time to grow because it is, as they say, “soooo cooool” (ahem).

Click here to download Timera for iOS, and here for Android.

Product: Timera

OS: iOS, Android

Price: Free