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Vello Systems forms Open Source Optical forum to encourage growth

Vello Systems has launched the first ever Open Source Optical [OSO] forum that it hopes will encourage companies to opt for “open optical” as a counterpart to software defined networks [SDN].

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The OSO forum looks to bring together optical component and system vendors, software companies, channel partners and end-users in the hope they’ll be able to encourage the implementation of the technology into the data centres of the future.

“Vello’s mission is to provide the software that fundamentally changes IT consumption models, making them better tailored to the demands of enterprise and individual end users. Customers are calling for more flexibility and new tools to realize their IT delivery solutions. Vello’s goal has been to unify standard software with vendor-agnostic merchant hardware to ease adoption by users,” said Karl May, CEO, Vello Systems.

OSO forum’s end goal is to promote the adoption of standards-based, interchangeable, easy-to-use and power efficient optical networking technologies into next generation data centres and cloud environments.

In order to encourage this it will provide an “open optical” counterpart to the world of merchant Ethernet-based Software-Defined Networks [SDN].

The forum has become a reality thanks to software interoperability among multiply optical solution vendors and it will help to disrupt the existing vendor-locked model that current dominates the market.

“OSO OpenFlow-based software combined with merchant optical equipment has the potential to radically change the data centre interconnect market enabling low-cost white box approaches to optical connectivity that operators ultimately crave,” stated Ron Kline, Principal Analyst for Network Infrastructure at Ovum.

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Initial charter members include Vello, Accelink, CoAdna, CrossFiber, O-Net, PacketLight, and Pacnet, with others companies as well as organisations expected to join up over the coming weeks.