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Azzurri launches managed cloud communications service

ICON Communicate is the new cloud-based unified communications service from Azzurri.

For Azzurri, it is a step into new territory, having not entered the public cloud arena previously, and further ICON services are to follow over the course of the year.

The package offers unified communications, IP telephony and contact centre capabilities that are delivered through Azzurri's own infrastructure network.

With features to suit organisations with 250 to 5000 users, ICON Communicate is particularly conducive to firms with a mobile workforce and/or multiple sites.

Talking to Cloud Pro, CTO of Azzurri Rufus Grig said how "For us, communications has traditionally been three things: on premise, hosted telephony, and dedicated managed services."

"This is a new way of doing unified communications and, as it is hosted and managed by us, it transfers the risk in terms of delivery and maintenance from customers to us."

City & Guilds Group are one of the first to introduce Azzurri's new service.

Ian Turfrey, CIO of the global vocational training organisation, said to Cloud Pro: "Times are changing – we already use remote desktops as many of our contact centre staff work from home. However, until now, we haven't had remote phone capabilities."

"This is why we have decided to move our communications services for all 2,500 people who need them over to ICON Communicate."

The introduction of the platform to City & Guilds is likely to take four to five months.

ICON Communicate is available immediately.