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BMW employs IBM predictive analytics to hasten car production

BMW will soon be able to predict and fix problems before new models are released thanks to a new partnership with IBM that will utilise the latter’s Big Data & Analytics technology.

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The tie-up will see BMW use the predictive analytics technology to detect and fix vulnerabilities far in advance of new models being released and before they cause any problems in the production process.

One of the main things that IBM’s Big Data & Analytics achieves is to cut down the time it takes to gain insights from large amounts of product and development data from several months to just a few days thus allowing issues to be detected and fixed quickly.

IBM’s SPSS predictive analytics software combines and analyses data from numerous test drives of prototypes, an average of 15,000 faults recorded by vehicles, as well as details from recent workshop reports. The results of these reports can then easily be channelled back into operational processes in order to cut down on errors and reduce costs, a process that previously took months to complete.

It will let BMW easily identify and correct any faults in a shorter space of time than present and far in advance of a new model rolling off the production line. BMW also hopes that making some analytics tasks automatic it will remove duplication of effort across various business divisions and subsidiaries.

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“For these recurring questions there is now a solution that can be used to provide answers to a range of queries. Approximately 250 of these analytics applications are now available, enabling more than 500 users from BMW Group to perform their own analyses. The proportion of analytics provided on a ‘self service’ basis is rising continuously, also since the analyses are easy to carry out,” stated a release from IBM.