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CeBIT 2014: ZTE launches new surveillance video analysis system

Over at CeBIT, ZTE has launched its new Clues Analysis System (CAS) which is a key facet of the company’s U-Safety public safety solution.

You might have spotted that yesterday at CeBIT, ZTE announced a revamp of U-Safety – a system which offers trunked radio, safety management and emergency response solutions to the likes of emergency and law enforcement bodies.

The new CAS solution is designed to make analysing surveillance videos a far more streamlined and efficient process, looking for clues and analysing them, as the name suggests.

It can scan over video and swiftly pick up on any suspicious people, vehicles or objects – and aims to detect the things that a tired pair of human eyes might miss. Particularly if that pair of eyes has been mesmerised by flickering video footage for the past eight hours…

ZTE boasts that CAS can identify faces and vehicle license plates, and incorporates behaviour analysis routines of targets and crowds that enable it to, for example, detect a gang fight in progress – or perhaps traffic congestion.

The system is also capable of video abstraction – in other words, going through a ton of video footage, and filtering out brief clips of pertinent targets which can then be reviewed by human eyes.

According to ZTE, CAS also provides real-time vehicle tracking, and evaluation and analysis of “urban risky vehicles” (presumably that doesn’t mean picking out Reliant Robins – probably the riskiest vehicle we can think of to drive in a city, or anywhere else for that matter).

ZTE’s U-Safety public safety system is already available to be deployed in over 40 countries worldwide.