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EMC releases Cloud Solutions 2.0 to push firms into IT-as-a-service adoption

EMC wants to help its customers complete the transition to IT-as-a-service with its new Cloud Solutions 2.0 suite of services.

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The framework is designed to enable companies to take advantage of hybrid cloud technologies that will let IT departments prosper in the future cloud-based market place.

“EMC and VMware have made great strides in their “Journey to the Cloud” IT transformation framework. This framework has provided a blueprint for IT organizations that saw the benefits of commodity public clouds and wanted that value for business applications,” said Peter Cutts, general manager for the cloud solutions business unit at EMC. “Now more than ever, it’s time to deliver on the Journey to Hybrid Cloud. It’s time to bring the power of automated, on-demand, self-service capabilities within IT’s grasp and begin to accelerate the business.”

EMC’s Cloud Solutions 2.0 includes a number of highlights that have been tested to deliver the fastest service possible. These include open API integration, financial transparency, enhanced security, integrated automation services that enhance application performance and operations, and policy driven IaaS.

Cutts went on to explain that adding new data services, such as high-performance Flash-based IOPs, or APIs for web applications is as simple as enabling a new service that business users will see in their self-service portal.

To help companies gain a competitive advantage and make IT more relevant to business, EMC is also implementing an IT Transformation Workshop. It hopes that this will help customers to prioritise IT initiatives and create an action plan that will speed up transformations.

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“The EMC Cloud Solution 2.0 is the framework to help get IT back to driving business value,” Cutts added.