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Facebook HQ was temporarily locked down by police following false threat

Facebook’s headquarters at Menlo Park was locked down temporarily last night, after some manner of threat was made.

Apparently the threat was received by San Francisco Police Department at 19:00, which was early this morning our time (2:00). They alerted the local Menlo Park officers, who locked the campus down – cordoning the entrance off with tape. Facebook asked staff to stay where they were while police searched the HQ.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that nothing was found, however, and the all-clear was given swiftly enough. Inside two hours later, Facebook had ferried employees back home following their scare. We can only imagine that Facebook staff imagined the worst while being kept inside the building.

It’s not even clear if the original threat was actually referring to the Facebook HQ. Menlo Park police commander Dave Bertini said: “At this point, we're not even sure the call was meant to be for the Menlo Park campus.”

He declined to elaborate on the exact nature of the threat, and only said that it wasn’t credible.

Over 6,000 employees work at Facebook, but it’s not clear how many were present yesterday evening. Mark Zuckerberg, or any spokesperson for Facebook, has yet to comment on the incident.