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Mobile app of the day: Meet Me Halfway

Imagine this scenario: You’ve got to meet someone, and it is a fair few miles between where you are and their location. You aren’t keen on trekking all the way to them, and they don’t particularly want to come all the way to you. So, the most sensible thing is to meet somewhere in between the two of you. But where, exactly?

To help here, you can fire up Meet Me Halfway. Type in a postcode or just a location for you and your pal, and the app will work out a spot that’s halfway between the two of you. It’ll call up a map with various points of interest on it – these might include a cinema, gym, various shops, pubs, eateries. I’ve had all those turn up while trying the app out. Some will be inappropriate for what you’re trying to organise, others might be bang on.

It is easy to flip through what’s on offer and share likely candidates with your chum, agree a meeting spot, and then you’re away. Heck you can even click through to your installed navigation based apps – including Google Maps – and get travel directions. Business people who partake of many out of office meetings will like this app; but then so will people who do a lot of socialising.

Click here to download Meet Me Halfway for Android.

Product: Meet Me Halfway

OS: Android

Price: Free (beta)