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Samsung Galaxy S5 can be pre-ordered in the UK from 28 March

Samsung has announced that its next flagship Android smartphone will be up for pre-order in the UK as of 28 March.

The Galaxy S5 will be available to pre-order from Samsung’s online store, the Samsung Experience Store at Stratford Westfield, and “selected” retailers which the company hasn’t yet specified.

At any rate, you’ll be able to put dibs on your S5 a fortnight this Friday. The launch date itself is 11 April, so Samsung is sending ordering live two weeks ahead of the actual availability of the Galaxy S5.

Simon Stanford, VP of IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland, commented: “We wanted to give our customers in the UK the chance to get their hands on the next generation of our Galaxy S smartphone as soon as possible by giving them the option to pre-order.”

“With the Galaxy S5, we’ve very much focused on the features that our customers want and will use the most on a day to day basis, and look forward to hearing what they think when they get their new device.”

New features include a heart-rate monitor (and other health and fitness capabilities), fingerprint sensor (as seen on the iPhone 5S), and dust and water-resistance to an IP67 level.

While there may be heart monitoring here, there’s nothing heart-stopping in terms of the new features present, but the S5 seems to be a smooth evolution over the previous model, and a very impressive device.

Check out our hands-on with the S5 for more info, and stay tuned for our full review which we’ll have live before too long.