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Sony Xperia Z2 to benefit from official wireless charging accessories

Xperia Z2 owners will be able to purchase wireless charging accessories with the handset, although not at launch next month.

Sony is pushing out official accessories to banish power plugs from being anywhere near your Z2, as online retailer Clove highlighted on its blog page.

There will be an official Wireless Charging Cover (in black or white) and Wireless Charging Plate available for £70 and £55 respectively. Obviously you’ll need both to be able to wirelessly juice up your Z2, and that will cost a pretty penny (or a pretty £125, in fact).

Compare that to the price of Nokia’s Lumia charging plate, for example, which you can pick up on Amazon for just over £30 – and it’s a bit of a stinger, wallet-wise. Of course, that’s partly because the Z2 doesn’t have wireless charging tech built in like some of the Lumia models, hence the need to buy a case.

Still, it’s a nice option to have for Xperia fans, even if it is a pricey one. While Clove claims that the charging plate will be available in early April – probably around the same time the phone comes out, which is supposedly 10 or 11 April – its cover partner won’t be out until June.

Or that’s Clove’s best guess at the moment – you can sign up with the retailer for updates on availability, and we guess there’s a chance it might turn up sooner.

On Monday, Vodafone was the latest to announce it will carry the Z2, with contracts starting from £42 per month if you want the handset for free.

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