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VMware premieres world's first enterprise-level hybrid-cloud DaaS

VMware has become the first to launch a cloud-based hybrid desktop-as-a-service [DaaS] offering to help companies deploy enterprise-level virtual desktops across a wide range of different devices.

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VMware’s Horizon DaaS runs on the company’s vCloud Hybrid Service IaaS and allows public cloud desktops to be combined with on-premise VMware Horizon View private cloud desktops

"Our experience working with customers deploying DaaS the last several years have shown that the majority prefers a blended environment with both on-premise and cloud desktops. However, very few solutions in the market can deliver a seamless end-user experience across multiple clouds like VMware Horizon DaaS,” said Sumit Dhawan, vice president and general manager, desktop products, End-User Computing, VMware.

IT departments can provision, deploy and manage full Windows desktops to end users that are able to be accessed on laptops, desktops, zero/thin clients, Chromebooks, iOS and Android tables, as well as mobile devices.

A news release from the firm claims that its Horizon DaaS supports both Windows server and Remote Desktop Services environments as well as full Windows Client Desktops and it can offer them “at an affordable price point”.

Google is one firm that is already utilising the Horizon DaaS on its Chromebook devices in order to allow businesses to use the devices to access all aspects of Windows in the cloud and is looking to capitalise on the Windows XP end of life by doing so.

"VMware Horizon DaaS helps companies transition to the cloud while supporting existing Windows applications. Chromebooks are secure, manageable and cost effective, making them a great option for businesses with the impending end of support and security updates on Windows XP," stated Caesar Sengupta, VP of product management at Google.

Amazon Web Services unveiled its own DaaS offering back in November 2013 in the shape of WorkSpaces, the main difference being that it works as a public-cloud only offering and not a hybrid-cloud offering like the Horizon DaaS.

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VMware’s Horizon DaaS is currently only available in the US market and pricing starts at $35 [£21] per month with no word yet on when the UK and other European countries will be able to take advantage of the service.