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Wonder aims for video curation revolution through new mobile app

A new video curation service known as Wonder is on the horizon that is aiming to offer content creators a new and lucrative way to reach its customers.

Wonder is a video platform that uses a model allowing content providers to offer exclusive content and curated lists of editor’s picks in addition to discovery capabilities that are optimised for the mobile market.

Content creators pay an annual fee to the service that gives them access to a wide range of monetisation tools that are sophisticated in nature and include a number of native capabilities such as “click-to-purchase,” “click to learn more,” and advanced demographic profiling.

The concept is the brainchild of founder and CEO Sofia Fenichell, who has worked for some of the world’s largest investment banks including Morgan Stanley, Caxton Associates, Meryll Lynch and UBS. Her expertise is in technology, telecoms and media, where she picked up an award for her work across all three sectors.

Seed funding raised by the service has already reached $1.4 million [£850,000] and reads like a who’s who of the entertainment business and includes Universal Music Group, Alex Creighton, the cofounder and president of Vice Media, Pascal Cagni, former CEO for Apple EMEA, and Qualcomm.

There are a number of content providers that have already signed up as partners, including Space NK, the National Film Board of Canada, Universal Music Group, House & Gardens, Tom Aikens, and Daylesford Organics.

Wonder’s founders have pointed to it being a credible alternative to making money from video service such as YouTube and Vimeo, and with a group of premier content producers already on board it may be onto something of a winner.